April 2019 Calendar Printable Template

Calendars are and will be part of our life always. When you talk about the demand for the paper calendars then there has been a bit decline but still, they are in demand. You will find the calendars in the offices, home, and various other locations. After all, it’s the date that helps us decide what we should do and when it should be done. Whenever we plan something, the first thing that comes to our mind is to look at the calendar. Only after looking at the dates we are able to take the major decision of doing something. The April Month is marked at a different position in the list of months in different types of calendars. In the Gregorian calendar, you will find it at the 4th position while in the Julian it will be at 5th. It is one of those months that has 30 days in it. When we think about the April month the first thing that comes to our mind is the onset of the autumn season. There is a difference in season in the Hemisphere at the North and South. It is spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in Southern Hemisphere. The name “April” is not original to this month. Earlier, the name that was given was “Aprillis”. In fact, the fourth position of this month is also not original. The original position was second. It was only after the addition of January and February that the position of this month changed from second to fourth.

You can even consider April a confusing month. The day can be rainy one day and sunny the other day. Thus, the change in weather is surprising. Whatever be the climatic conditions still there is hope for surprises in this month. The credit for the name of this month goes to the Greek goddess of love i.e. Aphrodite. Also, there is a celebration of Parrilla. This day is celebrated for the founding of Rome. So you can understand how important it is for the people who live in Rome.

April 2019 Calendar

April 2019 Calendar Printable
April 2019 Calendar

April 2019 Holidays

Weekday DateHoliday Name
Monday1stApril Fool’s Day
Sunday7thWorld Health Day
Sunday14thPalm Sunday
Thursday18thHoly Thursday
Friday19thGood Friday
Saturday20thPassover Start
Monday22ndEarth Day
Friday26thArbor Day

There are some days that are celebrated without holidays. One of them is the April Fools Day. It is celebrated on the 1st of April. It is a fun day that is celebrated in different countries. The celebration basically involves that you use pranks or jokes to have fun. There have been various instances of famous personalities cracking jokes and the people believing it. One of them is the renaming of the Liberty Bell by Taco Bell. He once announced that this bell will be renamed as Taco Liberty Bell. People were extremely angry with this announcement. In April 2019, many festivals and holidays are coming which names are April Fool’s Day, World Health Day, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Passover, World Book Day, and much more.

For April born, it is really important to know what their Zodiac sign is. The sign is a creature that is four-legged. There are two signs that fall in the category of Zodiac sign for this month. People who are born in the first half that also includes March month. From 21st of March till 19th of April are the ones that belong to the Aries sign. The people who are born in the remaining month of April including the month of May till 20th belong to Taurus group.

There is a reason people love this month. It is the blooming of the variety of flowers. There are two flowers that are more significantly known to bloom in the month of April. These are the sweet pea and daisy. Daisy is a beautiful flower known to symbolize the loyal love and innocence. Sweetpea is mainly used to say goodbye to people. It is a very pretty flower. In case, you are wondering why we have shared all this information then the answer is that you should know some insights of this month. We all know what calendars and their uses but what about the months. If you plan to save a certain month’s calendar then wouldn’t it be great if you can gain some information about it. It definitely is our interest. You must also get some information other than saving the different months’ calendar.

The April month’s calendar collection over here is unique. There are a different set of designs available so that each and every user can find it’s favorite design easily. We have added borders to certain calendars to make them even more attractive. These calendars are really useful for each and every one of us. Not only the office, even at home this calendar is needed.

You can take the example of a homemaker like your mother. There are multiple tasks that need to be finished on time. Early morning she makes sure that each one of you gets ready to go to office or school on time. She has to manage the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and multiple other things. Her list of the task doesn’t end here. She has to buy household stuff too. All this cannot be managed without a calendar. So she definitely needs a calendar to manage everything. Mother generally believes in monthly planning. So they tend to make the whole plan before they can execute it. This is actually a very good habit. This makes the life of people much more disciplined. We all know that a disciplined life can result in more success.

For those, who are interested in knowing about the birthstone of April, it is diamond. Being one of the hardest substance it is known to be formed deep in the earth. These are known to bring a lot of benefits to the ones who own it. Also, the people born in this month are more balanced and clear towards their work. We are sure this collection of calendars won’t be found anywhere else. These are made in high-quality to ensure that the user is satisfied with its quality. You can save these pictures to your system and then take a print-out. You won’t have to make any changes in the calendar. In case, you want to make changes then you can edit them according to your choice.

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